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Nipper Alert

What Is The Nipper Alert?

You’re probably wondering, what is the Nipper Alert?

Let’s back track a little.

Do you remember the Melamine Pet Food poisoning back in 2007? Linda Rheinstein, the founder of The iDoggiebag Foundation, fed her cat, Nipper, the pet food which eventually caused her cat’s death. Before her death however, Nipper, with it’s organs failing and going through an immense amount of suffering, scratched Linda on the arm. This scratch caused Linda to have “Cat Scratch Fever.” If not treated properly & quickly it can cause a person to die.

Linda’s immune system went into overdrive, trying to fight off the effects of the scratch. Around the same time she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and her cancer was accelerated due to her body fighting off more than possible in such a short amount of time.

So lets look at this: Poisoned Pet food. Nipper eats the food. Nipper gets sick. Nipper scratches Linda. Nipper dies. Linda gets cancer. Linda’s cancer is accelerated and all because of contaminated food. Hence the birth of “The Nipper Alert.”

The Nipper Alert is a two way global contaminated food and feed alert network. Our goal is protect the public: people & pets from dangerous ingredients in food. Currently, specific government agencies send out small alerts when there is a contaminated ingredient the public should be aware of. What if all this information was aggregated into one space? That’s where the Nipper Alert comes in! We want to be the home of all food safety alerts!

The beauty of the Nipper Alert is once we find out about a contaminated product, you’re the first to know about it! Whether it’s a text message, twitter or facebook alert, you’re going to to be aware of what not to eat! But that’s not all, we also let you know when this product is in the “clear” again. This way we aren’t hurting the farmers, manufacturers or retailers on a larger scale.

This is a life changing concept, after all every year 76 million are sickened, 325 000 hospitalized & 5000 die from food borne illness. We need your help to create & maintain the Nipper Alert.. You can do this by donating to the iDoggiebag charity and in return we will give you an eco-friendly iDoggiebag. It’s the anywhere, anytime, anything bag for a cause!

All donations are appreciated and until then check us out on facebook, follow us on twitter, visit us on youtube to keep up to date with our charity and other exciting ventures!

iDoggiebag, do you?